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Alternative Approaches Coaching FAQ

How long are the sessions? Initially, sessions are an hour and a half long. If we get to the place where they are serving more of a check-in function, they can be half an hour.

(Unfortunately coaching calls are no longer available)

How often do the sessions occur? Just as I customize each session to the client I am working with, I also customize the spacing of sessions. Some clients, once they get started, are so excited and energized by what's happening, that they want to have sessions only a week or two apart. Others need time to ponder and/or to follow through on what has come up in a particular session, and so prefer longer breaks between sessions. Working with me, you do not have to commit to any rigid pattern.

How many sessions do I have to have? There is no prescribed number. Sometimes one session will be enough to work through a tough decision or look at a situation in a new manner. More complex life design issues take longer. Again, there is no need to commit to any set number of sessions.

Are sessions by phone or in person? I work effectively either way. I have worked with people all over the country by phone and with people closer to central Massachusetts in person. Occasionally, if it happens to fit, a person from several hours away will choose to travel for the first session, and then continue by phone. (Unfortunately coaching calls are no longer available)

How much do the sessions cost? I have a sliding scale of $90 to $195, for the full hour and a half, not per hour, and I accept payment plans. As to the sliding scale, there are no forms to fill out, and I ask no questions. I trust that people will put themselves where their financial situation warrants, and in my years and years of doing this, I have yet to be disappointed in this trust.

What form does payment take? If you are seeing me in person, I accept personal checks or cash, to be paid at the end of each session unless a payment plan has been previously arranged. If we are working by phone, then I ask that checks be received by mail prior to the session, again unless a payment plan has been previously arranged.

I am presently seeing a therapist. Will there be any conflict between that work and the coaching? Absolutely not.

Do you accept any form of medical insurance? No, I am not a therapist or doctor, so I do not qualify for insurance coverage. (For more on the background I do have, you can click on Margaret Lobenstine, M.A. in the navigation bar above.)

What do I need to "bring" to the first session? When we set up your appointment, we can see if there is anything particular that would be helpful. Frequently, however, I encourage clients to just stop chewing on the problem, if possible, now that the date for the first appointment has been set. Often they are pleasantly surprised by ideas their right brain comes up with while their left brain is "on vacation".

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Carlie Dunn, Portland, Oregon: In the two years that I've worked with Margaret, my life has changed radically. After many years of successful but less-than-satisfying professional work, I am pursuing interests as diverse as clowning and Holocaust education. Margaret has provided a perfect blend of resource and self-exploration, support and challenge. The work in my life has meaning that is personal and unique to me. I couldn't be in this place without Margaret!


Renaissance Souls need to understand Renaissance Souls to get unstuck.  Renaissance Soul Margaret Lobenstine, author of THE RENAISSANCE SOUL, coaches Renaissance Souls in Renaissance Soul life design.  From her Renaissance Souls learn the three characteristics of Renaissance Souls, how Renaissance Souls earn money, special Renaissance Soul time management techniques.  Renaissance Souls can take the “Are you a Renaissance Soul?” quiz in the Renaissance Soul part of the website. This Renaissance Soul author explains the recent bias against Renaissance Souls and how Renaissance Souls are now more appreciated. If you are a Renaissance Soul or your partner is a Renaissance Soul or your child is a Renaissance Soul or you co-worker is a Renaissance Soul, let the Renaissance Soul expert Margaret Lobenstine explain all you need to know about Renaissance Souls.

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